Our story starts with a humble past. Our store’s name is actually in dedication of our mom’s name, Minh Chau.
Our store is actually a family business.
Despite all the horror stories we have heard about families working together, we set up shop and hoped for the best. When we were in the planning and conceptualization stages of our optical store, we brainstormed name ideas.
We came up with a ton of gimmicky names, but we wanted something more meaningful.
That is when we all agreed upon the name “Minh Chau”. You see, our mom has a strong linkage with the area where we are located,
Toronto’s Chinatown, and we wanted to continue her legacy. When our mom first came to Canada,
she set up her first business in Chinatown.
She came to Canada to escape the Vietnam War during that time.
Ever since we all landed here, she has been tirelessy working without end to support her family. That’s when she first opened a jewelry shop named “Minh Chau Jewelry”. In fact, her original shop is still up and running by her! We wanted to name our store after the hardest worker we know and love dearly. Thus since 2006, we promised that each and every person that walked through our doors will be treated like family themselves. Our mom always aimed to
offer her customers great proucts, and we are determined to do the same.
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